Food Allergies Advisory

The Rustler Kitchen is not a gluten/allergy free facility and cross contamination is possible. We have and use all the food allergens in our facility.

Due to the variety and demands of food allergies in today’s world, as much as we’d like to, we cannot keep pace with each individual guests’ needs. With at least a 7 days advance notice, we only offer simple adjustments and substitutions to and within our current offerings as many dishes are prepared days in advance.

For the gluten & wheat allergies: In addition to our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu selections, we also offer a limited selection of gluten free bread selections, pasta, granola and other store-bought products.

For the egg, soy, milk, nuts, sesame, shellfish and fish allergies: We offer the omission of these items when we can and with appropriate prior 7-day notice.

For all allergies: We will change gloves, wash hands, get clean cutting boards, clean utensils and keep a close eye out for cross contamination and proper execution of your dishes.

Even though we strive to meet our guests’ requests, some of our guests with severe or specific allergies may find we cannot meet their needs.

Click here to fill out your allergy form, so we can plan ahead to better accommodate your food allergies while you are visiting the Rustler Lodge.

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