Alta's Rustler Spa

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Alta's Rustler Lodge Spa

We offer a variety of therapeutic spa treatments designed for the alpine adventurist. Combined with luxurious skin care botanicals, our treatments provide guests the highest level of tranquility and restoration so they can return to their winter adventures with ease. We invite you to join us at the Spa for a restorative Alta tradition unlike any other.

Spa Treatments | Rustler Lodge Spa

Dining at Alta's Rustler Lodge | Alta, Utah

Spa Treatment Menu

Massage Traditions

Rustler Signature Massage

90 min $250

We pull all the stops in our signature deep tissue massage. Complimentary Sore Muscle Recovery and Deep Relief Stretching enhancements are included.

Alpine Healing Massage

60 min $150   /   90 min $230

Our classic Swedish massage relaxes the body with our herbal oil and medium to firm pressure.

Mountain Stone Massage

60 min $150   /   90 min $230

Smooth mountain stones combined with soothing strokes inspire deep relaxation and ultimate warmth.

Nordic Touch Massage

60 min $150   /   90 min $230

This traditional Nordic massage stimulates healthy circulation and detoxifies the lymphatic system through dry-brushing and gentle massage.

Prenatal Bliss

60 min $150   /   90 min $230

Our adapted Alpine Healing Massage leaves expectant mothers blissfully relaxed.

Massage Enhancements:

Sore Muscle Recovery


Deep Relief Stretching

$25 + 25 min

Nordic Dry Brushing

$25 + 25 min

Facial Traditions

Rustler Signature Facial

60 min $130   /   90 min $200

Our signature facial is customized to deliver extraordinary results and optimum indulgence based on your unique skin care needs.

Skin Enhancements:

Extractions + 20 min

$25 + 20 min

High Frequency Treatment



$50 - $100

Lash and Brow Tinting

$30 - $35

Nail Traditions

Rustler Signature Pedicure

60 min $80

Pamper aching feet with our restorative pedicure that includes a polishing foot scrub , and a detoxifying foot wrap.

Rustler Signature Manicure

60 min $60

Our signature manicure soothes dry hands and primps nails to perfection. An exfoliating hand scrub, wrap, and moisturizing massage are included.

Nail Enhancements

Parraffin Wax

$25 + 20 min

Hot Stones

$25 + 20 min

Sore Muscle Recovery

$25 + 20 min

Gel Polish Application

$25 + 20 min

Gel Soak Off

$25 + 20 min

Body Traditions

Alpenglow Smoothing

90 min $230

Revitalize skin and body with this exfoliating herbal body polish followed by a 60 min Alpine Healing Massage.

High Rustler Nourishing Body Wrap

90 min $230

Detox and nourish with this luxurious seaweed body wrap followed by a 60 min Alpine Healing Massage.

Dining at Alta's Rustler Lodge | Alta, Utah

Spa Etiquette

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow ample time to check in and relax. Be aware that 18% automatic gratuity will be applied to all services, as it is industry standard.


We kindly ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance in case of cancellations to avoid being charged for the full value of the service.

To schedule an appointment, call 801.742.4815 or email