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Live the dream this winter! Now hiring for the 2019/2020 ski season!

Massage Traditions

Alpine Healing Massage

50 min $140   /   80 min $220

This classic swedish massage relaxes and restores tired muscles through the application of herbal body oil and light to medium pressure.

High Rustler Signature Massage

80 min $230

Our signature deep tissue massage incorporates firm pressure and rejuvenating strokes to soothe sore joints and muscles. Includes complimentary Sore Muscle Recovery and Deep Relief Stretching massage enhancements.

Nordic Touch Massage

50 min $150   /   80 min $230

Deeply nourishing and detoxifying traditional nordic massage. We begin by performing a dry brushing treatment to stimulate the circulatory system, then follow with the application of nourishing body oil and gentle lymphatic massage techniques to flush out toxins.

Prenatal Bliss

50 min $140   /   80 min $220

Our Alpine Healing Massage adapted for expectant mothers will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed.

Mountain Stone Massage

50 min $150   /   80 min $230

Experience deep relaxation and warmth with this classic hot stone massage.

Alpine Leg Soother

50 min $150

Focusing on legs only, this unique treatment features the application of a detoxifying foot wrap, followed by a head and scalp massage, then deep tissue massage on the legs and feet.

Massage Enhancements:
($25 per treatment)

Moisture Drench

Substitute massage oil for ultra hydrating herbal body lotion

Sore Muscle Recovery

Application of healing menthol arnica gel on a muscle of your choice

Deep Relief Stretching + 25 min

Customized sports therapy stretching to relieve tight muscles and joints

Nordic Dry Brushing + 25 min

Detoxifies lymphatic system and stimulates the circulatory system for optimum health

Facial Traditions

High Rustler Signature Facial

70 min $180

This highly customized and luxurious facial includes a complimentary Bio-Energy Lift Treatment and Extractions.

Mountain Bliss Facial

50 min $150

A classic relaxing skin care treatment with the opportunity to select from the following skin care goals: Clarify, Soothe & Restore, Moisture Drench, Wrinkle Repair.

Skin Enhancements:
($25 per treatment)

Extractions + 20 min

A deep pore cleanse and extraction of skin blemishes.

High Frequency Treatment + 20 min

Enhances the effectiveness of skin care products for deep penetration and stronger results.

Bio-Energy Lift Treatment

Specialized product application to nourish and plump dry or mature skin.

Eye & Lip Booster Treatment

Application of enhanced herbal eye and lip cream for added nourishment.

Body Traditions

Alpen Glow Smoothing Body Polish

80 min $230

Revitalize your skin and body with this exfoliating herbal remedy body polish followed by a 50 min Alpine Healing Massage with nourishing body oil.

High Rustler Nourishing Body Wrap

80 min $230

Detox with this luxurious seaweed body wrap followed by a 50 min Alpine Healing Massage with nourishing body oil.

Nail Traditions

Rustler Signature Manicure

50 min $50

Includes a relaxing hand scrub, seaweed wrap, and moisturizing hand massage

Rustler Signature Pedicure

50 min $75

Includes a foot scrub, seaweed foot wrap, relaxing massage, in addition to a complimentary treat and drink.

Nail Enhancements
+ $25 + 20 min

Parraffin Wax
Mountain Stone Massage
Sore Muscle Recovery Treatment
Gel Polish Application
Gel Soak Off

Spa Packages

Alpen Glow Retreat

2 hr 10 min $375

Body Tradition of choice + Mountain Bliss Facial

Nordic Healing Retreat

1 hr 40 min $300

Nordic Touch Massage + Alpine Leg Soother

Cecret Indulgence Retreat

3 hr 20 min $480

Signature Massage + Signature Facial + Signature Pedicure


Half Leg

30 min $75

Full Leg

50 min $100


30 min $50


15 min $40


15 min $30


15 min $30

Spa Rules

  • Cancellation Policy:
    • If cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.
    • If booked within 24 hours, then cancelled, you will be subjected to a 50% cancellation fee (unless space resold)
  • Minimum Age: 14 years old
  • 18% Automatic Gratuity will be applied to all services
  • Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes ahead of appointment

To schedule an appointment, call 801.742.4815, book an appointment online, or email