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Alta's Rustler Lodge - Ski-in / Ski-Out Hotel Lodging in Alta, Utah
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Rustler Lodge
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Winner Certificate of Excellence 2012 Tripadvisor
Winner Certificate of Excellence 2012 Tripadvisor
Winner Certificate of Excellence 2012 Tripadvisor

Special Dietary Requests

Please complete this “Chef Card” so we can better accommodate your Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions while you are visiting the Rustler Lodge.

Guest Name:
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Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
Group / Reservation #
Please select the foods
you'd like to avoid:

Eggs: Wheat: Soy:
Milk: Peanut: Tree Nut:
Shellfish: Fish: Gluten:
Seeds: Nightshades: Sulfates:
Other, please specify:
My reaction is:
Mild          Moderate         Severe         Anaphylaxis                  * required
Reaction details
I avoid the following
cooking methods 
I would like to meet with the chef:
At check-in
My first breakfast                                                                                              * required
Each Morning
Other, please clarify:
Please specify if there is a product or name brand that you would like us to see if we can find before your arrival:
     Special Requests or
Additional Information
Please check:   I understand that while the Rustler Lodge strives to meet your dietary needs, we cannot guarantee your food is completely free of the items to which you are sensitive.

We hope that you will be able to relax and enjoy your ski vacation!

Chef Ed McCall

Hotel: 801.742.2200 :: Reservations: 888.532.2582 or 801.742.4200
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Alta’s Rustler Lodge :: 10380 East Highway 210 :: Alta, Utah 84092-8030

Postal Address: P.O. Box 8030 :: Alta,Utah 84092